Island 118

Sean Corcoran
Faculty Instructor: Tara Roeder

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“This website should serve as a resource for people looking to find interesting places on Long Island that break away from the ‘normal’ suburban lifestyle.”

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“A small strip of land 118 miles long and about 23 miles wide is home to nearly 8 million people (Long Island Exchange). When taken at face value, it is an overpopulated, under-diversified safe haven for people who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York City. A once beautiful wilderness, the island unfortunately came face to face with the zeitgeist of post-war America. Suburbanized and uniformed, most of its culture and history were torn down and buried in textbooks and encyclopedias, and national historical society archives. However, there is still some of the old island left to be found. Some of the history is still here; tucked away in the middle of suburbia or hiding out in the vineyards near the forks.”

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